Agriculture & Forestry

Green Bridge Forum intend to support a secure and sustainable agricultural supply chains through sustainable and climate smart agriculture.

Climate change, land degradation and drought affect millions of people living in dry lands worldwide. With its food security depending almost entirely on irrigated agriculture, Central Asia is one of the arid regions highly vulnerable to water scarcity. The agriculture and forestry in the region needs improvement of water-use efficiency, soil management and identification of technical, institutional and agricultural innovations. These include improving water use efficiency and changing the cropping patterns that have a high potential to decrease the exposure and sensitivity of rural communities to climate risks. The introduction of resource-smart cultivation practices such as conservation agriculture, may strengthen the capacity of farmers and institutions to respond to climate challenges.

Green Bridge Forum will support discussions and initiatives that reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, land degradation. Green Bridge Forum is contemplated to have sessions on deforestation and land degradation.

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