24.10.2014 The Minister of energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Shkolnik met with President of Green Bridge Forum Mr. Andrejs Pumpurs, and other participants of Green Bridge Partnership Programme

On October 23-24, Green Bridge Forum Presidet Andris Pumpurs attended the plenary session “Green Bridge Partnership Programme: perspectives and mechanisms of realization” which was held in the framework of the International Forum EXPO-2017 “Energy of the Future: C02 emissions decrease” on October 23 – 24, 2014.

The plenary session was the main reason for attending the conference. The “Green Bridge Partnership Programme” project has been directed by Kazakhstan for several years now and Cleantech Latvia has been the participant of this project since December 2013, when the Charter of “Green Bridge Partnership” was signed as a part of the “Green Bridge forum”. As of the signing Latvia became one of the first European countries which has become a part of this Charter (as of now there is only 8 participating countries). Being part of this Charter means that we support and encourage Kazakhstanis’ and other Central Asian county efforts to implement and develop the green technology field in their countries.

The plenary session was dedicated to discuss this programs and planned activities within the project and cooperation possibilities with other European countries. The discussed topic also included questions regarding the management of this organization and deal closing, where clusters representatives contributed the most.

On October 23, the first day of conference VARAM representative Rudīte Vesere participated and gave a speech at the one of the conference panels. And on October 24President of “Green Bridge Forum” moderated conference panel dedicated to “Green Bridge Partnership” institutional contract closing.

As a part of the conference Green Bridge Forum met the delegations of the  “Green Bridge Partnership Programme” participating countries and the speakers of the session from Georgia, Mongolia, UK, Switzerland, Poland, UNEP, ESCAP and ICSD. The meeting noted that this programme is a practical mechanism for promotion green economy and Kazakhstan is ready to become a bridge between the countries of the Eurasian region on the path to sustainable economic growth.

“Green Bridge Partnership Programme” main goal is the strengthening  of cooperation between Asia and Europe in the field of transfer of knowledge, innovations and technologies on the area of “green” economy. Presently, 12 states have joined to “Green Bridge Partnership Programme” initiative. In the framework o f the Plenary session other 3 European countries are expected to join Green Bridge Partnership Programme. During the expert meetings on October 24, 2014 will be presented draft documents on creation of Association of Green Bridge Partnership Programme and the “Green Bridge” Institution.

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