Company Dilers Ltd. (Dīlers SIA) was established in 1997 as a private enterprise for processing and trading non-ferrous scrap metals. It specializes in production of aluminium alloys and currently is the leading company in this sector on the Latvian market. At present, Dilers is also working in diversified areas of recycling and utilization of hazardous and domestic waste.

Dilers Ltd. constantly develops, makes considerable investments in modern equipment and eco-design, implements new technologies and know-how. The company is also investing in scientific research of metal alloy refining; a new research centre was founded on the basis of the company’s production complex.

Dilers Ltd. also successfully works in the field of utilizing all types of electrical household appliances and old vehicles. Waste of electrical and electronic equipment and old cars is dismantled in separate materials and parts, hazardous components are sent for utilization, but useful components and materials are used by Dilers as raw materials for production of aluminium alloys, or they are sold as raw materials to other recyclers.

One of the latest business directions of Dilers Ltd. is utilization of medical waste, which is fully disinfected and shredded, after which it can be used for preparation of combustible mixture or utilized as household waste.



Ltd. Dīlers, Brivibas gatve 214 c, Riga, LV-1039, Latvia

Phone: +371 67 545 007, fax: +371 67 816 083, e-mail: info@dilers.lv , web: www.dilers.lv


Production complex in Acone, Salaspils district.


Production complex was launched in 2009 and as a modern multifunctional facility has four main processing directions:

- manufacture of secondary aluminium alloys for automotive industry and primary aluminium alloys for production of aluminium profile and stampings;

– utilization of waste from electrical and electronic equipment;

– utilization of used vehicles;

– utilization of medical waste.

The complex is equipped with a system of multilevel waste-water treatment and automatic radiation control of incoming waste.

In 2012, a new line for manufacture of aluminium billets was launched; the equipment installed provides a cutting-edge technology and is the most state-of-the-art metal processing line in the Baltic States. In 2014, a new generation melting furnace was installed in the complex, which considerably reduces energy consumption by using exhaust gases as fuel.

Production is certified according to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

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