dinexirinaiDinex Latvia is the biggest subsidiary of Dinex – a Danish manufacturer of commercial vehicles and exhaust pipes owned by Dinesen family since 1982. Last year, the turnover of Ltd. Dinex Latvia reached 25 M EUR and along with the profit of the company it is growing with each passing year.

The company’s main products are exhaust pipes for trucks, buses and agricultural machinery. Overall, 97% of the Dinex Latvia production is exported.

The company’s success is based on continuous modernization of the production line and infrastructure. In 2010, the company launched a programme for energy efficiency planning. In 2011, the reconstruction of the main workshop complexes was carried out by renovating the building and fundamentally improving the heating and ventilation system.

Already the first heating season proved its effectiveness – the economy of the heating gas amounted to 89%! It was planned that the investment of 300,000 EUR would have paid back in 4.5 years, but with the support of the Latvia State Emission Reduction Programme the reconstruction paid back in just 2years.

In 2014, a similar success story was the renovation of the office building which resulted in saving 50% of the building heating costs. Now Dinex Latvia will become the regional business centre of the Dinex Group.

The success of the economy of energy depends on a thorough monitoring system, which is supported by the management and employees of the factory.

The turnover of Dinex Latvia accounts up to 30% of the Dinex Group’s total turnover; other Dinex factories operate in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and Turkey. The major customers of Dinex Latvia are car manufacturers Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Renault, MAN, DAF, KAMAZ, as well as heavy equipment manufacturers Caterpillar, John Deere, CNH, Liebherr and Atlas Copco.

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