Water treatment technology: Ltd. „Karme Filtrs” company’s practical experience in Latvia and abroad.


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Ltd. “Karme Filtrs” was established in 1994 and became one of the first private water treatment companies specializing in the field of water purification and water treatment.

Company offers cooperation in the development and implementation of membrane technology based technical solutions in the field of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment in Central Asia.


Main products / services:

- Water treatment equipment, process design and “turnkey” decisions by means of membrane technology for municipal and industrial applications;

- Equipment for domestic and industrial wastewater treatment: production and purification of rain run-off waters from oil-refining enterprises and petroleum storage depots; food production and livestock complexes wastewater treatment, meat and fish processing plants, dairy industry enterprises, oil and fat production.



„Karme Filtrs” Ltd., Riga, 59с Nometņu street, LV-1002, Latvia

Phone/Fax: (+371) 67618333, 67618120, e-mail: info@karme.comwww.karme.com


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Nanofiltration water treatment plant in Jurmala, Latvia

Ltd. “Karme Filtrs” company invites to visit the water treatment plants installed in Kauguri and Dzintari (Jurmala, Latvia). Plants’ capacity: Dzintari – 240 m3/h; Kauguri – 374 m3/h. Nanofiltration plants reduce excessive content of hardness, sodium, sulphates and chloride ions in the drinking water.

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