Central Asia forms united environmental area comprising closed drainage system of the Caspian and Aral basins with no outlet to the ocean, which combined with the arid climate results in significant environmental limitations on economic activity and trade. EU – Central Asia consultations have confirmed the need to modernize the approach to water management in the region, to address closer the growing tension between the upstream and downstream countries and to examine the urgent need to combine energy efficiency with water efficiency.


There is a need to strengthen dialogue and cooperation on solving the key issues: water quality, the use and protection of waters, determining the sustainability of life and future developments of regions. It is important to identify best practices for water savings, improving irrigation performance, reversing trends in land degradation and salinity, and contributing to the development of effective water resource institutions.


As the most major environmental issues in Central Asia are related to the allocation, use and protection of the quality of water resources Green Bridge Forum will enhance cooperation for appropriate frameworks for facilitating the financing of water related infrastructure projects in Central Asia, including through attracting international and public-private partnership funding and support Central Asia states in developing policies for water management, pollution prevention and control. Promoting cooperation on water management can at the same time foster regional security and stability and support economic development.

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