The Program


The first day of the conference was focused on discussions on the most effective strategy of solving environmental problems through the introduction of “green” technologies in all sectors of the economy, and on future cooperation between the two countries in areas such as urban infrastructure modernization, the latest trends and technologies for industrial building energy audits, water purification and water management, recycling, renewable energy sources and other technological solutions on new industrial project design and construction.


The second and third day of the conference will be devoted to sharing of experience and knowledge through technical tours. Participants from Kazakhstan had an opportunity to get acquainted with the projects implemented for the introduction of new technologies on energy efficiency and water treatment of Riga and Jurmala cities, as well as use of different technological know-how in order to ensure compliance with European Union standards.


The GIC 2013 reaffirmed the importance of Green Economy in meeting growing sustainability challenges. The rich discussion stressed the need for inter-sectoral cooperation, active partnership among stakeholders and the creation of a level playing field for all enterprises. Participants agreed on the importance of scaling up investments for implementation of clean technolgies, as well as the replication of known good practices and monitoring towards Green Economy targets using appropriate indicators.


As a concrete outcome of the Conference the Republic of Latvia signed the Charter on support of “Green Bridge” Partnership Programme in Kazakhstan and the memorandum on cooperation between the SREC “Green Academy” and «Cleantech Latvia» was also signed.

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